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Company Future

American BriVision Corporation (ABVC) is a biotechnology company and focus on the development of new drugs and innovative medical devices to fulfill unmet medical needs. The business model of ABVC is to integrate research achievements from world-famous institutions (Such as Top Medical Center), conduct clinical trials of translational medicine for POC (Proof of Concept), out-license to international pharmaceutical companies, and exploit global markets.

There will be 8 products in the pipeline of ABVC, including 2 anti-tumor combination therapies, 2 hematology treatment, 3 central nerve system disease treatment, and 1 medical device.  The new drug candidates are under going phase II clinical trials and will be accomplished by 2018~2019, and out-licensed to major pharmaceutical companies.

ABVC intends for IPO (Initial Public Offering) and to be listed in OTC Market by the 2016.  The fundraising plan for Series A  has already closed. ABVC aims to be listed at NASDAQ in Q1/Q2, 2018.

  Roadmap to NASDAQ

Roadmap to NASDAQ.png

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